Kratos: the story that we summarize in five minutes before playing God of War

How do you explain a saga that dates back to 2005 and has had games on PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita and even mobile phones? Well, as far as possible, making sure a soap opera with Greek gods and different timelines isn’t an absolute pain in the ass. And if possible, also in a new one. It’s not going to be easy to go through the whole story of God of War without beating around the bush too much, but let’s try.

The idea is to do this chronologically so that all of you who haven’t touched the saga, or can’t remember what happened to Kratos until the new God of War, briefly and amusingly know what the story of the game hides Sony. Just enough to let you know where Kratos came from and what led him from Greek mythology to Norse mythology. Of course, what you’ll find below is loaded with spoilers for previous games.


Kratos becomes the perfect warrior

As many of you already know, the Olympus of the Gods was like a merry-go-round for the deities, and of all who swarmed there, Zeus was the most pichabrava. He had children scattered all over Greece and, according to a prophecy, one of them would be responsible for killing him to repeat the story of how Zeus killed his father.

Far from the comings and goings of the gods we find two children, Kratos and Deimos, who are abused like any child of the time with enough size to become a warrior one day. As Deimos is the one with the most points to spoil Zeus’ party (spoiler alert, his father), Ares, the god of war (also Zeus’ son), takes him to the realm of death to prevent the prophecy to come true.


After his brother’s disappearance, Kratos continues to train to become a great general in the Spartan army, but not before getting married and having a daughter named Calliope. Since he has the blood of the gods in his veins, the guy is a beast when it comes to slaughtering enemy armies, but in a fight against a battalion of barbarians, neither his brute force nor his strategies make a difference. What does someone like that do when he sees everything lost? Well, pray, but in this case it’s getting a little out of hand.

for all time. Come on, from there, the one who splits the cod is Ares, who has Kratos from here to there to destroy and conquer cities.

He plays with him so much that, intending to create the perfect warrior, he sends him to massacre a village. There, an oracle tells him not to enter a shrine to finish the job he has started, but the guy arrives and enters with a swing of his sword without leaving a head puppet. He is so blind that he only realizes he has just murdered his family when it is too late. As punishment, the ashes of his wife and daughter stick to his body (hence why he is whiter than Iniesta).

Gods Puppet

Ares explains that it was his thing, that he did it to stop feeling remorse and become an even worse kaffir, and the Spartan feels good about it all and renounces the pact he had made with the God of the war. Giving your life to a god and then giving up must have been something quite common back then, as there was a group of Furies who were tasked with executing those who committed this action.

The Furies imprison Kratos and make him dream visions, but one of the Furies discovers that Ares is hatching a plan to defeat Zeus and occupy his throne, so he decides to help the Spartan. Orkos, the good-natured son of the Furies, is in charge of controlling the Blood Pacts, so after helping him escape, he tells him that the only way to get rid of his promise is to die. Kratos thinks about it for a bit and at the end he says, well, we came here to kill, so he gives him an honorable death.

The bottom line is that it makes visions of the death of his family and all the innocent people he took with him become his daily bread. Intending to redeem himself from his past, he decides to become the gossip of the gods to win their help.

The uncle works hard and even manages to bring the Sun back to heaven after it falls, plunging all the gods into an eternal slumber, but in the end his nostrils swell and he claims Athena, daughter of Zeus, that so many milonga is enough, that he has been obeying orders for 10 years and the visions are still there.

Become the god of war

Athena tells him that his last mission is to destroy Ares, who destroys the city of Athens. Since there is a pact between the gods that prevents them from killing each other, the crazed Spartan seems the best option to do the dirty work when the going gets tough. Since he didn’t particularly like Ares either, he told him to go, and after a considerable walk, he ended up killing his “master”.

After that, without redemption that manages to calm his guilt, Kratos says he is fed up with the subject and commits suicide, but instead of dying, Athena offers him to become the new god of war, since with Ares out of circulation the chair is free. . Hence the name “God of War”.

As the new CEO of destruction in battle and conquest, Kratos continues to do what he does best, so much so that Zeus sends a messenger to say, hey, just kidding. As expected, the Spartan doesn’t mince words and kills the messenger, which will likely incur the wrath of Zeus.

Not content with this, at some point he has a vision from his mother who tells him that Deimos is still alive, suffering in the underworld at the hands of Thanatos. Neither short nor lazy, he goes there to give his brother a hug, but since poor Deimos has been there forever and Kratos has blown him a lot, he fights with him (normal). Thing is, the fight gets complicated and Thanatos finds himself in trouble, causing his brother to die and enraging the God of War to the point where (surprise) Kratos kills Thanatos.

Athena appears there to try to calm him down, tell him that he has earned a place among the gods, and forget about the pifostio the Olympians have set up to maintain their beach bar. Kratos says no, he is fed up with the gods and their nonsense and he is going to take revenge on all of them. The uncle becomes so emboldened that he is unable to see how Zeus tricks him, steals his strength, and has him killed.

Revenge and fake suicide with ketchup

Already in the underworld (at this point he already has a VIP pass), the Titan Gaia tells him that if he returns to the past, he can stop Zeus from tricking him and finish him off once and for all. Since he has nothing better to do and hell is pretty boring, he gets to work, continues his particular campaign of killing mythological beings, and manages to get back to when Zeus betrayed him.

The game is going pretty well. Good because he is fighting with Zeus and is about to kill him. Bad because things spiral out of control and Athena gets in the way to prevent her father’s death, causing him to escape. In an attempt to solve it, Kratos travels back in time to when Zeus faced off against the titans (Gaia included) and takes them to the present to fight one last battle against the gods.

As expected, the titans also teased him, so the already pissed off Kratos gets even more upset and starts fighting with anything that comes his way. In the end, he comes face to face with Zeus, and with the power of hope he finds in Pandora’s box (a soap opera for another day), he manages to kill his father. With no god to rule over everything, the world goes to hell and Athena appears there to ask for the power of hope. But Kratos, who doesn’t even trust his (normal) shadow anymore, commits suicide and releases hope across the world, saving it from destruction.

Kratos is dead and the saga ended with a happy ending? Well yes, because later we discover that the body of the Spartan has disappeared and a trail of blood points to the void, thus implying that the warrior took advantage of the error to get out of it. Where did he go? Well, where Zeus lost his sneaker, in a northern mountain to probably end up pissed off by another god.

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