Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks: How to play and win

CoD Mobile continues to be one of the most popular games on Android and iPhone, both in multiplayer and battle royale play.

Call of Duty Mobile offers a heady mix of action, in both multiplayer and battle royale mode.

But if you’re new to the game, there’s plenty to pick up to get you started and win matches and boost your XP. So we’re going to tell you how to get the most out of Call of Duty: Mobile with our many tips and tricks.

Setting up Call of Duty Mobile and your phone
System requirements for Call of Duty Mobile on iPhone: Works on phones from iPhone 6S; works on iPad Air 2 and above.
System requirements for Call of Duty Mobile on Android: Requires Android 5 or later and your phone must have at least 2 GB of RAM.
Prepare device storage: You will need about 1.6 GB of storage space to install CoD: Mobile and for game data, so you may need to empty something. If you’re just on the edge, your phone won’t perform as well, and it’s a demanding game. COD:M breaks down the files so you only need to download what you need – the whole game can be up to 12 GB!

Disable background activity and alerts: If you have a game mode on your device, now is the time to use it to minimize notifications you don’t want and to kill other processes that might be decreasing the performance of your phone. To get the most out of CoD:M, your phone needs to be running at its best.

Use Facebook or Call of Duty account login: Unfortunately there is no username/password login, you must use Facebook, your Activision Call of Duty account or play as a guest. If you use the Facebook connection, then you can move your profile to another device if you have a new phone or if you want to play on a tablet for example, as you will with an Activision account.

Pro tip: Sometimes there are incentives to use a different type of connection. For example, you can get a different character by logging into your Call of Duty account, which is worth checking out.

Plug in your headphones: Call of Duty: Mobile’s soundtrack is excellent and helps you pay more attention to what’s going on around you. You’ll be able to spot footsteps, listen for the cough of a silenced sniper rifle, and more if you can hear them clearly. Playing with headphones is a pro move – or crank the speakers up high, if you have stereo speakers.

You will need an internet connection: Yes, as this is a live multiplayer game there is no offline mode – you will need to be connected to play. Watch your data usage or stay on Wi-Fi, even if the game isn’t using a lot of data.

Help, my game is slow! If you seem to freeze or move repeatedly over the same area, it’s probably because your connection is down. Try turning Wi-Fi on or off, or restarting your router or phone to fix the problem. Sometimes we switch to mobile data when Wi-Fi is down.

Turn up the brightness: What you see is what you shoot. Brighter is better, so turn off auto-brightness, increase levels, and make sure night mode or blue light filter isn’t turned on, as they will distort images. If you have a game mode on your phone, make it turn off auto-brightness.

Connect your Xbox or PS controller: You can connect a console controller to play on your mobile. You’ll be paired with other people using controllers when you play, so you don’t get an unfair advantage. First connect the controller to your device via Bluetooth, then go to Settings > Controller. You will be able to see if the controller is connected and customize certain elements.

The best Call of Duty Mobile settings and controls

There are tons of settings and options for Call of Duty: Mobile and the best ones depend a lot on how you play and what phone or tablet you’re playing on. It is worth taking the time to test all the options.

Choose advanced mode: There are two control methods, simple or advanced which you will be introduced to at the start of the game. Simple mode allows you to shoot automatically when you point at someone, but advanced mode gives you full control and it is the latter that you should choose, even if it means practicing a bit more. You will never get anywhere with simple commands.

Customize your controls: In the lobby, tap the Settings button to access all game settings. In Controls you have a choice between Simple and Advanced, as above, but in Advanced you have the Customize button – tap on it and you can drag control elements to new locations. Be aware that the docks for multiplayer and battle royale games are slightly different, so customize both.

Enable Prone Button to Enable Drop: A recent change has been the addition of an option to go straight into a prone position instead of having to long press the crouch button. The prone button is disabled by default, but if you enable it, you’ll be able to drop to the ground and continue fighting – a move called “dropshotting”. This move is popular in PUBG and it is becoming very common in COD:M since the new control option was added. The options are in Settings > Basic Controls > Hide Ground Fire Button.

Change the firing mode: In the same area as above, in Advanced, you can change how different weapon types fire. You can fire from the hip, aim down sights (ADS) or select custom mode. This will let you change the behavior of weapon groups, so you can shoot a shotgun from the hip, for example (which is worth it).

Change graphics quality: Your device will automatically detect your phone’s settings on first boot, but if you want to change them, in settings, tap Audio and Graphics. Here you can select the quality and frame rate, as well as other options. Play around with it to get the smoothest gameplay possible, as setting it too high will cause you problems if it gets jerky. This is where you’ll find the Ultra mode – 120Hz – but be aware that it may reduce the graphics quality to play at the fastest frame rate.

Adjust sensitivity: Different devices react slightly differently and in Sensitivity you can change the settings for how you move as well as the sensitivity of movements by scopes using the phone’s gyroscope. These settings can also be changed for multiplayer and battle royale separately, as well as individual scope magnifications, as you may want higher sensitivity for lower zoom and lower sensitivity for higher zoom. high in order to remain stable.

Test your settings by training against the AI: go to multiplayer mode and press the select button (just above start) to choose the type of game. You will see the options training and training against AI. It’s a great way to test out weapons, settings, and controls to see how they behave and if they’re right for you. You can change settings on the fly and this is the perfect place to do it.

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